Cost-benefit calculation

Our company offers during the buying process when creation your proposition, a cost-benefit calculation to understand your purchase of LED lights.  We are aware that the initial investment seem expensive, however the energy saving generated can quickly pay back your investment.  Using a graph, we can demonstrate the energy and cost savings before and after your project. (Value 199.99$)




Energy efficient analysis and Grants

Our team of engineers allow during the first stage of the process, to analyze the energy efficiency of your building.  In addition to inform you about the result on your efficiency of your lighting system, the report also include all the informations on heating, insulation and fenestration.  (Value 499.99$)

This stage in the buying process also allows to know the eligibility of your project subsidies proposed by Hydro-Québec as part of the modernization and their program "Buildings":

The Buildings Program offers financial assistance to implement energy efficiency measures while carrying out projects in commercial, industrials, farmings or institutional buildings.

Program benefits

  • Financial assistance tailored to project type and size
  • Recurring electricity savings
  • Lower operating costs
  • Faster payback
  • Wide range of eligible measures
  • Better competitive position