Custom LED Panel


Your imagination is our limit

Our company always try to bring innovative products into the market, this is why we offer a twist with one of our featured product, the VERSATILE LED panel, that you can customize for your marketing needs.  You can print:

- Company logo;
- advertising campaign;
- Marketing posters;
- Restaurants menu;
- Garage menuboard;
- etc...

Any images that you want to highlighted on a wall or in a windows can be printed on our LED panels.  We can print of any of our 3 formats available:  

- 1x4
- 2x2
- 2x4.   

Call us today to get more detail or place your order.



 First print (Schema)      49.95$
 Production print  199.95
 Wall-mount  49.95$
 Custom Panel (Print + Versatile panel)  429.95$